Monday, December 23, 2019

Homeowners DIY (Do It Yourself) Tip #27 | How NOT to Unclog Underground Gutter Drains

installing underground gutter drain pipes
For many of us, our homes' gutter downspouts go underground at the foundation and come out somewhere farther out in the yard or near the street curb. The idea is to move all that rainwater away from your home's foundation. This helps to prevent costly and potentially-severe structural problems such as:

  • house settling problems (windows won't open or close easily, doors stick, etc.).
  • leaking, cracked or bowed foundation walls, slabs or floors.
  • gaps in soil around exterior of home.
  • overly damp or flooded basements or crawl spaces.

And this approach for handling rainwater works great -- until it doesn't! If those underground drain pipes become clogged, the only way for all that rain water to exit is back up against your house.

When underground gutter drains become clogged, what can you do?

3 Most Common Solutions (Hint: Continue Reading Below for a Better Option):

1) Call a plumber. According to Home Advisor, the average plumbers charge from $175 to $450 for a typical job (but, they say that, for storm drain cleaning, the cost can end up varying widely). And there is no guarantee that they will be successful.

2) Dig up your yard to locate, cut open and unclog the pipe. Unfortunately, this is an even more expensive and disruptive solution than calling a plumber.

3) Rent (or buy) a very long plumbers snake and attempt to tackle the project yourself. According to our local Home Depot, a 75' plumbers snake rents for $48 for 4 hours. And what if you find out that 75' is too short?

A Better Way to Unclog Underground Gutter Drains:

A safe, easy to use and highly effective, solution is to do what many hundreds of other homeowners have done -- use the Water Rooter. It is an inexpensive tool, designed by a professional drain cleaner, specifically for unclogging and cleaning difficult-to-reach underground gutter drain pipes.

And what if the Water Rooter fails to open your clogged underground gutter drain? Simply mail it back for a complete refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! To learn more, please visit us at

Water Rooter™
Hand-Assembled in USA

Header Photo source: Brown house with blue roof by Rowan Heuvel

Disclaimer: We used the photo of the gentleman digging an underground drainage pipe trench to illustrate the amount of work that many homeowners invest into finding and cleaning a plugged underground gutter drain pipe. (We know, because we had done just this same thing many times.) Family Handyman is not associated with, nor do they endorse our website or the Water Rooter product.